[Movie Review] Crazy Rich Asians; An Unspecialized Glamor

When Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), an economics professor, gets an invitation from her boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding) to come to her cousin’s wedding in Singapore, she considers this an opportunity to get to know her lover’s family. But without him knowing, it turns out that his lover’s family is the richest family in Singapore and the marriage of Araminta Lee (Sonoya Mizuno) and Colin Khoo (Chris Pang) is predicted to be the wedding of the century. The arrival of Rachel, who was introduced for the first time as Nick’s lover, received an unpleasant reception by their family and circle of friends, they assumed that Rachel was not in their class and she only wanted to seize Nick’s property. Despite the constant pressure,

In a romance film or romantic comedy, a gimmick is a common thing. Likewise, the Cinderella story gimmick used by Crazy Rich Asians is also often mentioned, one of which is in the controversial 50 Shades of Grey trilogy . However the gimmick is used, which will make the audience feel what they are feeling, in this film, I don’t feel the cool and unique feeling. This is different from, say, watching Rompis where the story feels close, or some rom-com films that I recently watched like Serendipity (2001) orSet It Up (2018) which even though both of them feel very cheesy but still looks sweet to him.

Some moments that some people say make me whine and when I watch it next to me several times I scream in exasperation and finally, I can’t feel the same way. Starting from mother-daughter interactions, playing mahjong, to moments on the plane, everything feels normal. Even during the wedding scene especially when Nick mumbled the words “I Love You” to Rachel, I felt more of an “aseeekk” feeling than a “aaawwww” feeling. The most memorable moment for me was precisely in the sub-plot between Astrid (Gemma Chan) and Charlie (Harry Shum Jr.) which if the portion was bigger and coincided with the main plot of Rachel and Nick’s story, the comparison of the two stories would be more “pungent”. (Perhaps this is discussed more deeply in the book, which although I have just had it but haven’t read it yet.)

Maybe the main problem for me not being able to enjoy Crazy Rich Asians like other audiences is the many strange and magical characters. Often times in every film title –not just rom-com films – there is one witty character as a comic relief whose “duty” is to invite laughter from the audience through his behavior or dialogue. In this film, there are too many characters whose behavior is weird and tends to be ridiculous, which instead of making me laugh but actually makes my reaction “what the hell is this”. Starting from Peik Lin Goh and his family, Bernard Tai (Jimmy O. Yang), his director and artist partner, to Araminta and Colin’s circle of friends; everything looks weird and some tends to be creepyrather than funny. If there were more elegant rich people like Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh), maybe I could feel more.

Despite not getting the taste that I should have felt like other audiences, Crazy Rich Asians still has elements that I like. The use of the extraordinary wealth of the Young family often takes my breath away. Even with cultural representations that are very Asian, they also often make themselves smile because they are often found in everyday life, this will be difficult to find in other Hollywood rom-com films with different cultures and habits, but again, even though they are very different, these films I can still feel ithis. One other important thing is the selection of songs that are really serene, which even though they use Mandarin which you don’t understand at all, you can still feel them (especially Coldplay’s Yellow composition).

[Movie Review] Halloween; Michael Myers Legacy Returns to the Right Track

40 years after Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) escaped Michael Myers’ attack, the former babysitter is still haunted by the incident. This deep trauma has made him for 40 years secluded himself in a secluded house and prepares to anticipate if he has to face the Boogeyman again .

This has caused him to experience domestic failure twice and lose custody of his child since he was 12 years old, and when his son Karen (Judy Greer) grows up to become a “normal” human being, he forbids his son Allyson (Andi Matichak) to meet his grandmother who considered crazy. But when Michael Myers manages to escape and terrorize Haddonfield again, this time he doesn’t just fight 1 but 3 generations of the Strode family.

This Halloween film, directed by David Gordon Green, is a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original Halloween film , which means it immediately removes all sequels and remakes that have been made in the span of 40 years. This can be said to be bold, but it is also the right thing considering that many of these films cannot continue the legacy and instead destroy it, and in the hands of David Gordon Green – who wrote the script with Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley – this is Halloween again as an atmospheric horror film.which is not only incredibly stressful but also honors his legacy. Whether it’s meant to be that way or just a coincidence and just a coincidence that I made up, the opening credits, which features a carved jack-o’-lantern pumpkin that changes from shattered to whole again, can be a fitting metaphor to describe Halloween’s return to the right track.

For fans of the original film, of course , this latest version of the Halloween film can make you happy with references and nodes here and there, which are not only about the original version but also the sequel. But for those who forget (like me) or don’t know at all, they can still really enjoy it because Green includes enough information for ordinary viewers to get to know the story of the Boogeyman or The Shape. In addition , this latest version of Halloween is not only very respectful of the original version, but also very respectful of the legacy. Not only was Michael Myers returned to being a mysterious figure who was described as a manifestation of the devil, but also provided character developmentfor the appropriate 40 and very respectful towards Laurie’s character.

Above all, Halloween is a thrilling slasher treat . Having a death toll that is far more than the original film which “only” 5 people –and cleverly discussed through a light dialogue-but this film does not only rely on sadism but also ingenuity. Of the many deaths, most of them occurred off-camera which instead of relaxing the sadistic feeling but could still be felt through the ingenuity of displaying the corpses. Not only that, deaths that occur outside the camera’s reach are also used to provide surprises in the development of the story and one of the characters. A small detail that seems mundane but to me is very satisfying in explaining how Michael Myers can escape from scrutiny.

Not only highlighting sadism, but Green is also good at building a tense and tense atmosphere. Most clearly in the third-act, which brings together the air of killing Michael Myers with Laurie, who for 40 years trained and turned her residence into a fortress, intending to end her suffering. In the era of the emergence of many female hero plays, Jamie Lee Curtis emerged as an oma who was no less badass than younger female characters. Next year, Linda Hamilton will appear again in Terminator 6 , which will add the badass oma-oma personnel .

Not only gripping and tense, in the 3rd act, there is extraordinary ingenuity with tricks that make me chuckle in awe. In closing, I thought that Laurie’s 40 years of preparation was in vain and stuck to the cliché of victims who prefer to hide in a closed place rather than run away, it turns out that this film still has one special surprise. For David Gordon Green, Halloween is not just a trick or treat but a trick and treat .

[Movie Review] A Simple Favor; Fun Mystery with Ticking Dark Comedy

As you get older, getting the status of friends, especially friends, is an achievement that is difficult to achieve. Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) a caring single parent who provides household tips through vlogs, is met by Emily (Blake Lively) when she picks up her child at school. Even though the two have opposite personalities, Stephanie considers Emily to be her best friend, even though the other students’ parents are sarcasticthought Emily was just using Stephanie.

When Emily asked Stephanie to pick up her child at school and later she would pick him up at her house after her work was done, Stephanie agreed, but a few days after this simple request, Emily never showed up. Emily’s husband, Sean (Henry Golding), who knows his wife’s behavior, reveals that his wife often acts like that. But this time it’s different when the boss at his office doesn’t even know about Emily’s whereabouts, which makes Stephanie investigate her best friend’s whereabouts and on her journey she uncovers not only Emily’s identity and past, but also her own past.

In recent years, Hollywood has made films about missing people several times, starting from Gone Girl , The Girl on the Train , Searching which was a surprise this year, to those that did not get a good response like Gone (2012). Although the first title is often associated with this film, in fact the two films have very striking differences. Paul Feig, who sits in the director’s chair, often uses a female main character and puts forward the comedic side in various film titles he has worked on, such as Bridesmaid , Spy , to the remake of Ghostbusters . A Simple Favoritself has a cool mystery-solving process combined with an intriguing dark comedy .

From the opening, the audience was presented with the opening credits with sweet pictures and colors interspersed with French songs, which although I didn’t understand the meaning, I thought through the tone that it was a cheerful song, much different from similar films which tend to have a dark nuance. In addition to having a more “cheerful” nuance, comedy is the mainstay of this film, relying on Stephanie’s contradictory personality with her “innocent” and awkward nature in contrast to Emily who tends to be more naughty. Most of the comedy is darkso please be careful not to invite those who are underage or who are less able to accept this type of comedy. It is highly recommended to watch together which is comfortable to joke with or even watch alone so that the laughter is more free, if you watch it with your crush or parents it can be awkward when you laugh.

The tickling comedy touch cannot be separated from the precise execution of the two main actors. Anna Kendrick, who often plays awkward characters, can again make a maximum contribution where most of the sources of laughter come from the character Stephanie, who on the other hand, Blake Lively, was very precisely chosen to play Emily. Both characters were well written by scriptwriter Jessica Sharzer, which made the awkward and innocent Stephanie not stuck with stupid character cliches, and Emily who was “more naughty” didn’t look cheap but instead looked elegant ( costume designer).which makes the men’s clothes Blake Lively wear deserves thumbs up, which I’m sure is cooler wearing Blake Lively than if I was wearing it). But the other supporting characters aren’t nearly as compelling, save for a brief but memorable performance by Andrew Rannells (vocalist for the band the “mother” on How I Met Your Mother ).

However, Jessica Sharzer and Paul Feig themselves do not forget the mystery element which is also important, through the process of revealing the mystery which is going quite well. As one by one the veil of mystery that not only about what happened and who Emily really is but also uncovers Stephanie’s past, I was “forced” to tie the thread and think about the possibilities. Indeed, the mystery is too predictable and there is nothing so surprising, but Paul Feig is good at explaining the process of fact finding, so surprise is not something to be achieved but just a bonus.

Unfortunately, the fact-finding investigation process that went well did not lead to the final settlement that should have been the culmination. Instead of providing a satisfying climax, A Simple Favor ends with a layered twist that is not well executed. The narration of this barrage of twists is done in a very hasty manner, which is very difficult for the audience to fully comprehend the meaning. Instead of making the audience amazed and saying “I didn’t expect the ending to be like that”, many viewers felt “I don’t understand”, and that’s not good.

[Movie Review] Aquaman; DC Extended Universe Best Movies

The “competition” between Marvel through the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Comics through the DC Extended Universe is currently one of the fiercest fanboy battles. For myself, I prefer that these two universes are equally good so that I can enjoy 2 equally good universes every year. Of course this requires the DCEU’s consistency to catch up with the MCU, considering that after the success and praise given to Wonder Woman , Justice League actually received mixed ratings.

The emergence of Aquamanthis is another glimmer of hope, which for me is the best DCEU film because of its spectacular action and higher level of entertainment than Wonder Woman .

Make no mistake, Aquaman is still far from perfect in telling the narrative, especially in the early half. Introduction to the origins of Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) who is a descendant of humans (Temuera Morrison) and a Queen of Atlantis, Atlanna (Nicole Kidman); spoken generically and familiarly with many lame passages . Not to mention the timeline issue that is said to be after Justice League , but some events actually contradict that fact. How is it possible if in the film Aquaman and Mera have met in Atlantis, but in this film they don’t know each other and Aquaman himself has never entered Atlantis.

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked Mera (Amber Heard) bringing Arthur/Aquaman to Atlantis to prevent Orm (Patrick Wilson) from ordering the kingdoms of the seas to attack humans on land. The script written by Will Beall and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick still feels oversized, but the way he tells the superhero comic story, which is too absurd to be fully screened on the big screen, is precisely what makes it stand out. Who would have thought that Aquaman’s ability to talk to fish, which is often made fun of, would actually be something cool.

James Wan, who is expected to give new color and hope to the DCEU universe, succeeded in answering the challenge. In a clear tone, Aquaman is much more “cheerful” than the DCEU films which are more synonymous with dark and gloomy. The depiction of the underwater world and the kingdom of Atlantis and other kingdoms feels imaginative and stunning. The visual effects team is skilled at presenting something that is very pleasing to the eye, regardless of how absurd it may seem. Riding a seahorse, a dress that resembles a jellyfish, the form of a Black Manta costume that looks comical, until Sharks and Crocodiles carry weapons and join in an all-out war like space sci-fi films like Star Trek andStar Wars ; all can be used as an extraordinary spectacle. Once again, how this film makes the absurdity of comics into something fun, needs to be over-appreciated.

In addition to the visual appearance that spoils the eye, a series of cool matches also makes this 143 minute film not boring even though the narrative does not run smoothly. How the dynamic camera movements when Atlanna was attacked by the Atlantean troops to the chase action on the roofs of buildings in Sicilia, makes this heart very happy. But the highlight is clearly the scene where Aquaman and Mera are surrounded by a herd of beasts of the Trench, where James Wan’s spirit of horror and love for tracking shotsclearly visible and paid off. Not to mention the epic battle between the kingdoms of the ocean before the final point, which is amazingly cool. Even though the final battle of King Orm and Aquaman feels ordinary compared to the previous presentations, it still feels interesting, especially if what you are looking for is Jason Mamoa doing a badass pose .

To- badass -an Jason Momoa not only in the final scene just yet seen throughout the film, was also shown kocaknya side. His presence beside Amber Heard with their chemistry makes them not only a beautiful couple but also strong. Unfortunately they are not accompanied by other equally interesting characters, who are just stuck on the black or white side. Even Patrick Wilson as Orm feels normal, because he returns to the villain clichéwho wants to dominate/destroy the world, which is actually less interesting than Yahya Abdu-Mateen II as Black Manta whose share of appearances is much smaller. The exceptions are the brief but memorable appearances of Nicole Kidman and Temuera Morrison as Aquaman’s parents, who provide warmth to this little family saga.

Although the narration is not smooth but that doesn’t make it less enjoyable to watch, it’s the rough censorship cuts that become a tremendous distraction at the crucial moment before the peak battle. It’s ironic when the film is filled with acts of violence, murder, even trying to kill each other between half-siblings, it’s the kissing scene that exceeds the specified duration that becomes the target of censorship.

If you really enjoy and wait for the continuation of this universe like me, there is an additional scene in the middle of the credit-scene .

[Movie Review] Fall in Love at First Kiss; An Absurd Yet Sweet Romance Story

The term ” love at first sight ” is certainly something that is very familiar to many people, but for Xiangqin (Yun Lin) what applies is ” fall in love at first kiss ” -which is also the title of this film-.

During the admission of a new student he accidentally collides with Zhishu (Dalu Wang) and they accidentally kiss. Even though for Zhishu it was an ordinary moment but for Xiangqin it had left a deep mark on him. Xiangqin just realized when welcoming new students that Zhishu was the best student in the entrance selection who was said to be a genius with an IQ of 200, and this made Xiangqin fall in love even more.

Xiangqin’s efforts to get Zhishu’s love are not easy considering that Zhishu is not only a genius student but also the idol of every girl in his school. Moreover, as a stupid student from class F whose activities are mostly cleaning the school, this makes his life very different from Zhishu’s. Until one day Xiangqin’s house collapsed which forced her and her father to temporarily move to the house of her father’s old friend. It turns out that his old friend is Zhishu’s father, who gives Xiangqin a chance to steal the idol’s heart.

Just with the invitation and recommendation, “This film makes Malaysia and Singapore happy” without seeing the trailer, I was surprised that this film is an absurd comedy model like Too Handsome . This too absurd film model is actually not what I like, and that’s also what made me not interested in watching Too Handsome when I saw the trailer. Sure enough, the first third – or maybe half – I often scratched my head and said “what the hell is this not clear” in my heart. Characters that are too comical to provoke a moment of humor don’t work at all and don’t make me laugh at all.

Fortunately, when Xiangqin and Zhishu’s close moment began to appear, it also began to feel charming and sweet plus annoyance, which was able to cover up the occasional absurdity that still appeared. This arrogant and (pretentious) cool Zhishu is more likely to be an annoying person than someone we will support. Fortunately, Yun Lin came to the rescue to become Xiangqin’s figure who was so adorable and easy to like. Through his expression and behavior, I feel like I want to hug him or just give him a hug and give advice to find another man who is more suitable. Without Yun Lin’s appearance it would be difficult for me to support Zhishu and Xiangqin to be together in love, just to see Xiangqin finally be happy.

Love is blind and makes people stupid, that’s what makes Xiangqin keep pursuing Zhishu’s love even though Zhishu’s treatment seems really bad. The level of bucin (love slaves) is so helpless that it makes Xiangqin do various stupid things and maybe even demean her own dignity and this can be a problem for some viewers, but I don’t see that. Xiangqin not only does stupid things but makes love a motivation for her to break into the top 100 rankings and remove the stigma of class F who can’t do anything to realize her dreams even though she doesn’t have the ability. This is indeed very cliché, but for some reason I am happy (perhaps Yun Lin’s allure is hypnotizing me).

The scriptwriter duo Chi-Jou Huang and Yung-Ting Tseng had time to put their hearts into adding to the dynamics of this film, which unfortunately did not work effectively because there was not enough time and was exhausted due to the total absurdity of the beginning and duration of the Zhishu-Xianqin story. Fortunately, even though there are few romantic moments, they can make you smile, even though you can still feel sad, but unfortunately, it doesn’t really kick at the end. For this I blame our importers who do not provide subtitles at important moments which make the magical power drop drastically.

Review Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) NO SPOILER

Ja Hong, an ordinary man, just died. He is ushered into the afterlife by Kang Rim, the chief angel of death. Kang Rim will appoint a defense attorney who will represent Ja Hong in 7 court hearings over a period of 49 days to investigate how he lived his life, and where he should spend eternity.

The paragraph above is a synopsis of the film titled “Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds” which has been airing since January 5, 2018 in Indonesian cinemas. If you look at the synopsis above, what do you imagine in your mind?

Since I rarely watch Korean films and all I know is drama films like Miss Granny or Miracle in Cell No. 7 (which made me cry a lot), because after reading the synopsis of this film, what came to my mind was this will be just another melodrama crap, isn’t it?

Boy, I was wrong. This film not only drains tears, but also sparks the imagination and excitement of the audience. Honestly, I went in blind when I was about to watch it. If I hadn’t been invited, I probably wouldn’t have watched this film either. The supplies that I brought before going to the cinema are just the synopsis above. I didn’t even watch the trailer.

Without divulging too much, in general, this film tells the story of the main character and the three “angels” who accompany him on a journey across 7 different areas in the afterlife to face 7 trials that will determine the fate of his spirit whether he is eternal in hell or can be forgiven. The setting of a trip like this is very interesting because it reminds me of the classic story of Journey To The West or the road trip scheme that is a staple in Hollywood films.

The depiction of the 7 areas of the afterlife based on Korean folk myths each has different characteristics and the depiction is very imaginative. Each area is described with unique environments and strange creatures so it feels like you are in a fantasy world like Narnia or Middle Earth .

This film, which is full of CGI and exciting action scenes, has mixed feelings for me so that the duration of 139 minutes is not boring. The characterization of the characters is also good because our views of each character can change throughout the story. Many characters that were thought to be good, but apparently not, uh but actually really good, and vice versa. This kind of storytelling needs to be appreciated because we are invited to always see things from various sides. In addition, the moral message that is presented is also very good.

Although there are a lot of action and fantasy presentations, this film still has many touching scenes. There are a few scenes that made my eyes were glazed and there is one y ang success makes me a flood of tears T_T

This film is flooded with top actors and actresses such as Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Do Kyung-soo, and others. In some scenes there are also many famous celebrity cameos such as boyband members and comedians. No wonder that this film entered the ranks of the box office in its home country with revenues of more than 97 million dollars.

For additional information, the premise of this film is adapted from a webcomic entitled “Singwa Hamgge” with various changes. The sequel is also slated for release in theaters sometime in August 2018.

[Movie Review] 27 Steps of May; Character Studies of Victims of Sexual Violence

May (Raihaanun) is a young girl whose life changes when she becomes a victim of rape when she is on her way home from the night market. Let alone telling stories and reporting so that the perpetrators are investigated, for 8 years since the incident he did not speak at all and locked himself in his room and had a tendency to hurt himself if something triggered him.

himself to remember the sad incident. Not only has an impact on May, for the past 8 years this incident has also made the father (Lukman Sardi) overcome with tremendous guilt because he feels he can’t protect his daughter. The thing that keeps them going is the routine: May who always jumps rope after waking up, checking dolls, dressing new dolls that will be sold later, eating. The point is what he did was monotonous. For the father himself, apart from “accompanying” his son doing monotonous things, at night he vents his regret and anger through fists.

Everything changed when one day the wall of May’s room had a hole for some reason, which made not only her room get light from outside but also a glimmer of light in her life. Through this hole, he interacts with his neighbor who is a magician (Ario Bayu) who slowly makes May interact with the world outside her room. The change in his son’s attitude made the father initially feel that something was strange, although he finally realized that this was a progress for the child and himself to improve their lives. But change can’t just happen and May is reminded of her dark past again.

Prior to the regular release, 27 Steps of MayI have “traveled” in various festivals and many call this a theatrical film, yes, because there is very little dialogue. This is not a bad thing, it is something interesting to make it a character study through the movements of the players. By observing the small details that are beautifully presented, we can find out what the characters are feeling. This is why even though many scenes are repeated because that is the routine that makes May and father survive, this can still provide new information and not just increase the duration. Whether it’s how to dress, dress up, how and what to eat, and whatever is done can be used as “information” about May’s inner state, or even can be seen from how your father’s gestures when boxing.

The director Ravi Bharwani and the script from Rayya Makarim as well as the cinematography directed by Ipung Rachmat Syaiful accurately captures the inner turmoil of May and Bapak (and then May’s interaction with the magician), which with the simplicity of the display actually creates a beautiful artistic impression. This was helped by the extraordinary acting of Raihaanun, who, although he only spoke 2 lines of words, was able to channel his emotions to the audience. From the beginning the eyes are so empty until they finally start to “animate”, we can also understand his psychic condition. Even more so when how does he translate May’s state when returning to triggerremembering her past, it makes me feel uncomfortable to look at her, and this is in a good sense. Even when he started interacting with magicians, in his heart he screamed ” please don’t let May do anything else” because considering the incidents of sexual harassment that are rife in this world, the point is only 1: the man is basically an asshole.

Lukman Sardi is undoubtedly responsible for creating the nuances of drama, which even though he and Raihaanun interacted without words, I could feel warmth or pain, which sometimes appeared simultaneously. But what needs to be highlighted is how he positions himself as a father who is also a boxer, which although the choreography looks very strange and doesn’t make sense, I interpret it in a strange style because the father, who doesn’t have boxing skills, only relies on anger inside. hidden himself.

This type of film is indeed not easy to enjoy for all audiences, but for those who are “used to it” it will be a fun character study. Instead of harshly criticizing cases of sexual harassment, we are embraced from the perspective of the victim and its impact on those around him. Everyone’s interpretation may be different and I choose to enjoy it and participate in the warmth and pain that is felt. Even though it sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s the reality that (perhaps) many victims feel.

[Film Review] John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Parabellum which in Latin means “prepare for war”, and this is indeed an appropriate subtitle for this third series of John Wick films. Continuing a few minutes after the second film, this time John Wick (Keanu Reeves) must save himself from being hunted by The High Tables – the highest ranks of the world’s assassination organizations – because he violated the most important rule: no business or killing in the hotel area of ​​The Continental. Not only is his status as an excommunicado (a person who was dumped from the organization) due to the events at the end of the previous film, he is also wanted by all assassins in the world because his life is valued at $14 million.

Not to mention the appearance of a messenger from The High Tables called The Adjudicator(Asia Kate Dillon) whose presence is to make sure John Wick is killed and anyone who helps him escape will be in trouble.

Because this is a direct sequel to the previous film, it is highly recommended to watch/rewatch the previous 2 films. It’s no longer as simple as “an ex-hitman who avenges his dog’s death and car theft” in his first film that gave a shock back in 2014. Just like John Wick chapter 2 , this time the John Wick universe provides additional details in the world of assassins who, although cruel, always obey the 2 main rules of the organization. Not only that, even in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, there is also a little bit about the past that made him a legend of The Boogeyman.like now. So far, the detailed expansion of the universe has not encountered any problems and is still interesting to follow.

However, Parabellum’s narration is not flawless, this time it feels more lacking than the previous 2 films. Having a more complex story makes Parabellum feel more complicated, not to mention the plot twisting and feeling like going back to the beginning without any progress made me lose my grip a little in the middle. What’s more, this made him slightly brake the tension and duration of the action line that had previously been pounded relentlessly. But isn’t the story just a plus point for this type of film? When I return to the “right” path, Parabellum will again make me not really care about this small flaw.

Indeed, from the very beginning, the superiority of the John Wick series is the Gun-Fu scene whose choreography is never-seen-before compared to other action films, not to mention the number of deaths that are not kidding. But this would be boring without any improvement from the previous film and the director Chad Stahelski and the choreography team showed their creativity in presenting the fight scenes. If in the previous film in one of the scenes he relied on a pencil as a tool to kill, this time John Wick uses a number of knives, horses, dogs (this film really loves these animals), even books! Imagine, John Wick killed someone using a book!

Chad Stahelski and also the cinematography of Dan Laustsen still maintain the characteristics of this film which does not use a shaky camera and also a quick cut , the results of which can be felt by the audience. With a duration of 2 hours and 10 minutes, it feels almost non-stop, I am sorry and aching but feel satisfied, without the slightest feeling of boredom and it is easy to guess what method to use, even though some feel familiar. Even the director still maintains a visual appearance that often uses neon colors that add to the artistic and beautiful impression, and as a former stuntman for Keanu Reeves in the film The Matrix, he did not hesitate to pay tribute to the film in subtle and open ways.

However, the most important and proud thing for Indonesian cinema is the emergence of Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhian who are not merely attracting sympathy or attention. Even though the two alumni of The Raid were just subordinates to the Japanese and their choreography was a little weaker to keep up with Keanu Reeves, their performances were still satisfying. Their fate is clearly better than Iko Uwais whose talent is completely useless at Mile 22 and Triple Threat . Moreover, they were given a moment with Keanu Reeves, which broke the enthusiasm of the audience in the cinema like when foreign singers/bands greet the audience using Indonesian during a concert.

[Film Review] Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko); Makoto Shinkai’s Most Inferior Works

” From the director of Your Name , Makoto Shinkai ” that’s the writing on the poster for the film Weathering With You or in Japanese entitled Tenki no Ko . Your Name, which was released in 2016, is indeed a phenomenal animation work, not only in Japan or Indonesia, but also in the world. The success of the film also catapulted Makoto Shinkai’s name as a Japanese animation expert and made many people curious about his figure and also his previous works, which turned out to be no less slick. So it’s quite understandable if after 3 years later the Weathering With You projectannounced, many reactions arose from the fans; ranging from happy, impatient, to feel anxious if their expectations are too high.

Hodaka (Kotaro Daigo) a 16 year old boy escapes from his hometown but finds his life in Tokyo not as bright as imagined, literally and figuratively. He never got a job because of his age which made it illegal to work, as well as the atmosphere of the city of Tokyo which was not sunny because it rained every day. Until then he is hired by Keisuke Suga (Shun Oguri) to write news about the Sun Girl who is said to be able to make the sky clear, which makes him meet Hina (Nana Mori). Because they both need money, Hodaka convinces Hina to work as a “rain charmer” for those who need sunny weather to hold festivals, rituals, or just play outside. Hina’s mysterious power also has a serious impact and makes Hina or Hodaka faced with a dilemma choice.

Visually, Weathering With You is no less than Your Name , or you could say it’s even better. The details of the city’s nuances and the product placement under the guise of visual trash never ceases to amaze me. The movement of the camera when we are invited to “go for a walk” also feels very smooth, even when describing the rainy atmosphere which is the subject of this film also looks very convincing. This is complemented by musical accompaniment and songs composed by the band Radwimps which always add to the pampering feel. In short, this film still holds the characteristics of Makoto Shinkai’s films which are able to satisfy the eyes and spoil the ears.

On this occasion, Shinkai often included crowd-pleasing elements by including cameos from 2 Your Name characters and briefly including songs from AKB48. However, not everything went well and the most disturbing thing was the many lewd jokes that really felt like they were just perverted, not like Your Name , where lewd jokes are still acceptable. Is it okay to make Japanese “culture” seem to demand something like this so difficult. In terms of the story, it is also considered to be more slender than Shinkai’s other works, even though it feels more complicated because there are many other sub-plots whose existence doesn’t really have any impact.

But the main problem for me is how this film displays its ending . Okay, if you look at the figure of Hodaka who is still a child and is faced with things as complex as that, it’s understandable that he prefers to be selfish, after all, if we were faced with the same situation, we might make a similar decision. However, the disturbing thing is that the narrative that Makoto Shinkai puts on the issue of climate change is misplaced. With this conclusion, it creates an unfavorable impression that climate change is basically no more important.

[Movie Review] The Mitchells vs. The Machines

I think it is a common desire for teenagers to be able to live independently, whether it’s because they don’t want to burden their parents all the time or are just too tired to live with them. However, as stated in the lyrics of a song that I will not mention the title of, basically humans are weak creatures and cannot live alone, and who else can we ask for support if not our family? So whatever the reason for choosing an independent life path, what teenagers really need is support and understanding from their parents.

That’s exactly what Katie (voiced by Abbi Jacobson) hopes for her father, Rick (Danny McBride), who simply doesn’t understand his penchant for movies. Even when Katie has been accepted into film school, her father actually questions this choice which is considered to have no benefit and future. Of course, this made Katie even more annoyed and wanted to leave the house quickly to pursue what she loves, because she felt that only her younger brother Aaron (voiced by the director, Mike Rianda) understood her at home.

Realizing the unhealthy relationship between her husband and child, of course Linda (Maya Rudolph) can’t just sit back and try to reconcile the two. In fact, Rick really loved and cared about Katie, and what he did was solely for his daughter’s sake. Just like most parents, he doesn’t understand why when Katie was little they were very close but as their children grew up their relationship became more tenuous and not connected. That’s why Rick canceled Katie’s flight ticket and took the family on a road tripescorted Katie to her college. The journey that was meant to reconnect this strained relationship didn’t go completely smooth, but it got even more complicated when the world was attacked by an army of renegade AI robots whose goal was to banish all of humanity from Earth.

Indeed, the core of this film is the distant relationship that causes a feud between Rick and Katie, but the backbone that makes this film feel solid and broken from beginning to end is thanks to the comedy series. Mike Rianda who wrote the script with Jeff Rowe was able to make all jokes that rely on sarcasm and irony very on point . I laughed out loud many times when they satirized today’s human life which is very dependent on technology and social media. One of my favorite set-ups is when Wi-Fi connections around the world are turned off using a very simple switch button , but the effect is to create chaos for the entire human race.

For me, making something that feels close and familiar – even if it seems like just an ordinary daily activity – into something very funny is the highest level of comedy. It’s a tricky thing because if it’s executed incorrectly, instead of being cool and good like Ralph Breaks the Internet , it can even turn out to be self-absorbed like Emoji Movie , and fortunately, the sensitivity level of Mike Rianda and the crew involved in delivering the material they have is quite high.

Here, visuals play a big role in presenting a slapstick comedy that is not only funny but also smart. There are a lot of comedy set-pieces that I can’t quite mention individually (I haven’t even mentioned how brilliant Olivia Colman is as the personal assistant to a defector, or the craziness of the broken robot duo Eric and Deborahbot 5000), so just believe in it and enjoy the journey. this crazy. Excessive? Yes. Funny? Definitely. Cringe ? Absolutely not!

Visually, in recent years the duet of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – whether in the capacity of director, scriptwriter, producer, or a combination of the three – has given animated films that have their own characteristics. Check out The Lego Movie , Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs , or the 2019 Oscars winner of the best animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ; they have colorful visual gags that look chaotic , but have energy. It doesn’t look just crowded and chaotic, but has its own purpose which is included in the grand scheme of things, one of which in this film is to really portray Katie’s personality. You could say this film is like one of the films made by the protagonist himself.

Indeed, instead of using the realistic 3D animation style that other animation studios have often done in recent years, The Mitchells vs. The Machines actually has a Spider-Verse- like appearance that combines 3D animation styles and hand drawings, and is equipped with a touch of doodles and filters like YouTube or Instagram. Yes, the visual appearance in this film really has the spirit of today’s youth, who think that a photo or video feels lacking if there are no filters or images that fill the screen. But again, Mike Rianda and the crew know exactly how to deliverso as not to seem pretentious like most videos uploaded on social media. Indeed, the number of colors and images displayed in 1 frame makes it look full, but it is a state of controlled chaos and in the end produces a beautiful and really fun display. It felt like immediately turning back and observing details that would have been missed the first time I saw them.

What’s even more amazing is that in the midst of a visual display that delivers a series of exciting actions and funny jokes that gas pol without a pause for 114 minutes, but it turns out that this film also has a heart and moral message in it, whether it’s delivered subtly or openly. As I said at the beginning, the core of this film’s story is the relationship between father and daughter, but behind it all, it also slips a ticklish glance: “Does humanity deserve to be saved?”, especially if this skepticism arises in view of the situation. world in the past year. Of course, it is incomplete if it is not used as a comedy set-piece , which is again very on point and broken.

Well , it’s hard for me not to fall in love with this film. Even when at the end I started to question the portion of Mother who feels like a side character that is simply forgotten like most other films, it is precisely then that Mother has a bad-ass moment that for Indonesian audiences must think “Don’t you ever mess with mothers. !!” Yes The Mitchells vs. The Machines is indeed built on stories and elements that are all too familiar, but the execution is able to make this film feel very original and fresh , and of course it has a heart and feels personal when the credit titles begin to appear.